How to Buy Canned Sardine 125gr?

Canned sardine 125gr is good to be eaten because they are one of the cheapest sources to get protein and omega 3 intakes. Finding a fresh sea food sometime is hard especially if you do not know how to pick the best one and whether the fish you buy is really fresh. In the end, you have option for frozen fish or canned. Choosing frozen fish is a challenge as well since you need to check them carefully to prevent having a bad frozen fish. So, the safest option to eat sardine is by purchasing canned sardine and if you already have your own favorite brand then it will be easier.
How to buy canned sardine 125g at grocery stores?
First thing first is you should know why you need to buy canned sardine 125g. This is a good source for various healthy minerals such as protein, omega 3fatty acids, vitamins (D and B12), calcium, selenium, and many more. In conclusion sardines packed with beneficial nutritional punch and this is the easier way to get those minerals since you only need to go to the nearest food stores or grocery stores to get your canned sardines.
Now, how to buy canned sardine 125g products? Since there are various brands and products out there, you need to be careful when choosing your sardine tin fish. You can consider purchasing based on:
-          Sardine packed with flavor: You need to read the ingredients list before picking one and make sure you avoid buying a can of sardine that have unnecessary ingredients for your health like artificial color and flavor, Acetic Acid, Polysorbate 80, Xanthan Gum, Maltodextrin, and Modified Cornstarch. Those extra ingredients tend to be packed in canned sardine with tomato, mustard, or other sauces.
-          Sardine packed in oils: One of the best canned sardine 125g products is the one that package in oils since they do not need extra spices or sauces just to cover the flaws. However, when buy sardine in oil, you need to make sure that they are packaged in fish oil or olive oil. Skip oils such as soybean oil or other oils that packed in canola or offer omega 6 because they will defeat the whole purpose for you eating sardine which is omega 3 intake. Sunflower oil brings more calories and fats as well.
-          Sardine with organic ingredients: It is meaning that they are packaged with extra seasoning or herbs such as olive oil or mustard.
-          Sardine in water: Some people prefer to have sardine in water because they are not removed the omega 3 in the fish when you drained off the liquid. However, if you like tastier fish meats then you better choose sardine in oil. However, compared with sardine in soybean oil or canola, sardine in water is a better option.
-          Skinless and boneless: Because most of sardines have small size, they often packaged with their bones and manufacturers do not remove their skin. Good news is that if you cannot tolerate sardines due to the bones and skins then you can always buying canned sardine 125g skinless and boneless.
-          Gluten free sardines: You cannot tolerate canned seafood with gluten then pick canned sardines that are labeled with ‘gluten free’ label. However some of the brands such as sardines packaged with mustard or tomato sauce may offer gluten due to the thickeners ingredients.
-          Smoked sardines: Smoking process will add some flavor to the sardines. Some of the products are smoked to prevent the omega 3 fatty acids weeping out of the fish meat when you cook the fish. Beware that some of the factory canning process add liquid smoke in the can/ tin.
Your families or friends must have their own recommended brands when buying canned sardine 125g. You can hear their recommendations but always compare one brand to another and check their nutritional value because different brand will have different nutritional amount as well. You can eat the canned sardines alone or mix them with other ingredients to make a healthy recipes such as sardine salad or sardine soup, sardine on a gluten free cracker, and so on. If you never try sardines, it is the time you should give them some chance and experience the benefits of sardine fish.

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