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Canned Sardine Suppliers Indonesia Best Buy

Canned sardine suppliers Indonesia offers various good quality products in fishing industries. Since Indonesia is one of the largest sardine distributors in the world, finding high quality of canned sardine product made by Indonesian suppliers is a lot easier especially the products have been exported to many countries including United States, Europe, and other Asian Countries. Indonesia suppliers follow best and tight standards in terms of processing the canned mackerel product so the safety and the quality are in best condition. Not to mention, they also successfully manage the shipping control so the costumers can have the products as soon as possible without any delay.
Why you need to experience canned sardine suppliers Indonesia products?
There are many reasons of why you should buy canned sardine from suppliers Indonesia. First of all, canned sardine products from Indonesia packaged in various styles including traditional herbs and sauces with Asian style. If you like to eat canned sardine straight out of the can then you totally need to buy such canned product. Canned sardine suppliers Indonesia are not only offering usual canned sardine styles like sardine in oils, water, and brine salt water) but other wide variety of sardine preservation. They are packaged in tins or cans with lids that easy to be opened.
Canned sardine made in Indonesia full with pack of nutrition and low mercury content level. The thing is that you need to eat fish at least 2 to 3 servings each week to fulfill your nutrition body intake. Sardine just like tuna and mackerel, contains omega 3 fatty acids which offer DHA and EPA that good for brain development and to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Omega 3 is great for blood pressure and to reduce depression plus anxiety, according some studies. Besides those benefits, sardine fish offers other healthy nutrients including protein, vitamins, and minerals. The best thing about sardine is that since averagely the fish has smaller body than other oily fishes, the mercury content of sardine Indonesia is low so it will not harm people who eaten canned sardine suppliers Indonesia products.
Another reason of why you need to buy canned sardine from Indonesia vendors is that the products are cost friendly. Most of canned sardine is sold in reasonable prices which is very cheap. Sardine is a cheap seafood source for omega 3 intake and if you in need of least expensive fish products then you should definitely go with sardine fish. Of course in the form of canned product, sardine is much cheaper than sardine whole round either fresh or frozen. You can simply buying packs of canned sardine and spend few bucks only without burdening your budget. You can still have a nice meal with only a sardine as well.
Moreover, the cans have various serving size which you can buy according to your need. The ranges of serving are from 500 g to 155 g which is enough to be used one day to make your favorite sardine recipe. You can include the sardines for your salad, stew, soup, sandwich, or simply eat the sardine fish with warm white rice. It will be so delicious and you should experience it on your own. You can experiment and make nice recipes with sardines. And if you like to eat the sardine alone, you can add extra onion to make the flavor richer. High quality canned sardine suppliers Indonesia is the best to be included in your diet.
The last reason of why it is okay to eat canned sardine from Indonesia is that because they use excellent canning process. When the sardine fish comes from the ocean, then before processing, experts as inspection staffs will check all the sardine fish to ensure that they only use good quality sardine fish. After that, they will conduct canning processing and even cook the fish twice to ensure that the canned product free from bacterial and other contaminations plus to sterilize the cans. When the canned sardine suppliers Indonesia done processing all the factory tin fish, they will once again check the end product before being distributed to local markets and exported to various countries. The suppliers also make sure that the exported products meet certain terms and conditions to be distributed to other countries since different countries have their own standards regarding imported products.

Canned Sardine Production Line Process

Canned sardine production line by manufacturer ensures their sardine fish canned product to stay fresh with canning processing. Most of sardines that we buy in grocery or food stores packaged inside little cans with some preservation to keep the fish in good condition for months or even years as long as you do not open the cans. Maybe you are wondering how the sardines got into those cans or how the processing might be like before the products distributed to the store’s shelves. Here is how the production line of canned sardine fish conducted.
Detailed process of canned sardine production line
Know how the canned sardine production line processing their sardines’ tin fish will help you to understand more about the products. Usually, before the factory or manufacturer process the fish, they get the fish from fishermen or caught by its own industry process. However, sardines pole and line fishing considered to be environmentally safer than net fishing. So, when you choosing canned sardines, make sure that the fish caught by the safest method.
Here’s how the sardines are packaged from the start to the final stages where the sardines are ready to be distributed and even exported worldwide:
1.      Enter the cannery
The fish will enter canned sardine production line cannery on ice; they are stored in refrigerator or pre frozen at the sea. The factory needs to pick sardines that are fresh and in a good condition as well, so the inspectors are going to examine the fish and evaluate them before while they are unloaded. The inspector not only checks the sardines by appearance but also monitor the condition of each fish while checking the temperature as well as collecting samples used for chemical analysis. Frozen fish are going to be thawed under controlled conditions while sardines that are not in good condition, failed to enter the next steps.
2.      The processing
When the fish finally enter the factory processing, machine will remove the sardines head mechanically and get rid the entrails plus waste portions. After that, prepared sardines entering the conveyor belt and cleaned with rushing water. Meanwhile, the cans are sanitized and waiting to be filled with the already cleaned sardines.
3.      Filling process
Canned sardine production line filling process done manually by the workers. They will count one by one the correct number of sardines for each can while filling them by hand. Next, the filled cans are going to enter ‘exhaust box’ conveyor belt again to remove the remaining or excess liquid with steam-cooks method.
4.      The end process
The final stage of canning process almost done when the sardines being smoked and get additional ingredients. Some of the ingredients add spices, sauces, or herbs to make the flavor stronger and more delicious. The canned sardines are going to be preserved with oils or waters as well according to the packing style. And then machines will labeled the cans with seals, identification labels, codes, and applying lids on each can. Finally, the cans enter pressure-cooking stage where thermal processing used to ensure that all the canned sardine products in sterile condition. Before being stored and distributed, the inspectors once again will check them by take a sample and evaluate the sardines.
Maybe explanation above still needs some detailed information regarding canned sardine production line process. However, those processing line above will give you a simple understanding about how canned sardine being processed before they distributed to your neighborhood food stores.
Unopened canned sardines can last longer for years or at least up to 4 years, while opened sardines tin fish can longer about 4 days and need to be consumed as quickly as possible before they corrupted. If you want to keep the leftover sardines so they can stay longer then you need to freeze the sardines inside tight plastic container with zip on top then place it inside a container full of ice or some storage with optimum temperature of 31 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not have the storage then you can put the sardines inside a plastic bag then fill the plastic with ice, however you should use the fish within 24 hours. That’s it for canned sardine production line process and we are hope the information are useful for you and help you to understand more about canning process.

Ways to Eat Canned Sardine Price 155g

Canned sardine price 155g can be purchased less than $2 which means this is not only an excellence source for nutrition but also an affordable sea food product. Maybe you already a seafood lover who like to make or taste different recipes using canned sardines. In fact they are hundred recipes of canned sardine which you are going to like and some of them are easy to be prepared. If you want a healthy meal then eating sardine is never go wrong. Sardines are rich in protein plus omega 3 fatty acids, meanwhile they are lower in fats and calories so they are good for your diet.

Some ways to eat canned sardine price 155g
Sardines are one of the fish that you can and should eating regularly because it is recommended that people at least eating fish which is high in omega 3 fatty acids 2-3 serving each week with moderation amount. You can eat affordable canned sardine price 155g by eating it alone or you can try these recipe ideas below such as:
1.      Radish salad plus avocado mixed with canned sardines and watercress
Those ingredients really worked together pretty nice and it with the fleshy texture of canned sardines, the taste improved. The preparation is simple and this dish is rich in flavor as well, you can try to make one.
2.      Sardine salad with feta and chickpeas
Sardine is always good with salad and since most of canned sardines are already packaged without their head and internal organs then the preparation is somehow easier. Beside canned sardines, you can also use sardine fillets or fresh sardine.
3.      Sardine spread boneless
To make such recipe, you better pick canned sardine price 155g serving preserved in oil because they have more flavor, but you need to drain the liquid off and visible bones need to be removed. You can also buy a canned sardine product boneless and skinless. This recipe using simple ingredients which are olive oil, red onion, fresh parsley, salt, cilantro leaves, lemon juice, and with toasted baguette slices.
4.      Beet and sardine salad
Another sardine salad recipe prepared with sour cream which make the dish more delicious. To make the salad you need horseradish (not drained), chopped fresh dill, beets, and cheap canned sardine price 155g product preserved in oil.
5.      Beer batter fried sardine and lime
This recipe is very easy and can be prepared in about 45 minutes. It has very pleasing golden color and with small bite, the juice can squirt out. The required ingredients are simple since you only need salt, all-purpose flour, beer, lime, vegetable oil, and canned sardine fish product.
You can try those 5 nice recipes at home with simple ingredients which is canned sardine. You do not need to prepare canned sardine as hard as fresh sardines since you need to remove the bones and the guts. With canned sardine you not only get tasty meals but also nutrition intake.
How to buy canned sardine price 155g?
Canned sardine is very affordable and they are come with handy package. Canned sardine with 155g serving can be purchase with low price and if you want more sardines, you just need to spend more yet small money. Here are the guides when you want to pick canned sardine fish according to your preference such as:
-          Sardine in oil:
When you want to buy a sardine in oil then choosing the one in olive oil is better than sunflower or soybean oil. Olive oil will guarantee rich flavor and healthier sardines than the rest of oil options.
-          Sardine in water:
If you have a choice between sardines in oil versus sardine in water, the canned sardines in water will be healthier in nutrition value because it does not leach away the natural omega 3 in sardine fish. The taste might be a bit plain compared with sardines in oil; however the original taste of sardines will not change at all unlike sardines in oil. The sardines are firmer and drier than sardines in oil though.
-          Flavored options:
There are canned sardine price 155g with extra seasonings to add more flavors such as sardine in hot sauce, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, pepper, jalapeno, and many more. This is a good option for people who want to eat canned sardine straight away out of the cans without need to make other recipes.
You can experiment with canned sardine price 155g anytime for cheap and delicious meals.

Canned Sardine Fillet for Nice Dishes

Canned sardine fillet is pleasure to be cooked and eaten with good recipes. If it is hard for you to find a fresh sardine then canned sardine is always been the best choice to get because they are available anytime and easily to be found at grocery stores. Sardines are small fish with oily texture and small bones, they are many types of sardine species but most of them have been caught and then sold as fresh, frozen, steak, fillet, and canned product.
Purchase fresh sardine and cook them need long preparation because for best recipes, you need to remove the head, tail, gills, skins, and the bones. If you never clean and prepared sardine then you can buy sardine fillet for better option because they are already skinned and boned. At grocery stores, you can find canned sardine fillet boneless and skinless so you do not need to prepare the fish anymore before using it.
Canned sardine fillet in olive oil, sunflower oil, and tomato sauces
Canned sardine fillet have various preservation and you can even make your own preservation and add extra seasonings. There are canned sardine in oils such as sunflower oil and olive oil which is preferred by many people because they bring nice texture and great flavor. Not only they are rich in nutrition but they can be cooked for many recipes and if you like stronger flavor and different taste then you can always pick canned sardine in sauces like tomato based sauce.
Sardine fillet on toast can represent a very delicious snack which you can try and they are light snack that you can enjoy anytime. But, there are other tastier dishes that you can cook with sardines, for example:
-          The easiest cooking to make tasty sardine is by pan friend it with simple bruschetta and salsa. This is a nice recipe by cook the canned sardine fillet product with olive oil and then served with a very simple bruschetta and cucumber salsa along with tomato. You can find this recipe on internet and make it at home for the best dish.
-          You can grill the sardine fillet with oven roasted vegetables. This is a very simple dish as well which you serve the sardine with mixed vegetables such as yellow bell pepper, zucchini, leaf parsley, eggplant, etc.
-          Canned sardine fillet in tomato sauce is other good recipe to have. Yes, you can purchase canned sardine in tomato sauce directly but there is nothing wrong make your own canned sardine fillet dish mixed with homemade tomato sauce. Beside, homemade sauce is always a lot healthier and you can even add extra vegetables and herbs to make the sardine rich in flavor. You can serve the sardine fillet in tomato sauce with simple buttered toast. It is incredibly easy to be cooked and prepared; you need only about 45 minutes to make the dish from the beginning to the end.
You can try those canned sardine fillet recipes at home; you can even try to barbequing the sardine fish if you like it. It is recommended that you eat sardine or other good protein and omega 3 sea food sources at least 2 to 3 servings per week with moderate amount. By experiment the recipes, you are not going to be bored when eating sardines each week. But make sure that you limit the amount of consumption due to the mercury concern.
How to buy canned sardine fillet?
To purchase canned sardine, you should check the cans or the tins for the first. If there is any leaked cans or lids then avoid buying it. When there is bulging lids as well, do not buy it because it means the sardine is not in a good condition already. In addition, check the date, canned sardine indeed can last for few years, but there is nothing wrong to ensure the expired date. Check the nutritional value too, you should option for sardine fillet that offer the highest nutrition content and low in sodium, mercury, calories, and fats especially if you want to use sardine as part of your dietary menu. Last but not least, if you do not want to take canned sardine fillet, then you can get frozen or fresh sardine, smoked, and steak.

Smoked Catfish Suppliers Product for Restaurant Business Owner

Restaurant owner should try to get in touch with smoked catfish suppliers to give you some product to be sold at your restaurant. Furthermore smoked catfish has longer shelf life, thus you can store it easier. It also does not have bad fishy smell which catfish used to have since it already been smoked before, thus the quality of the meat can be preserved without having to deal with fishy smell all the time. The smoked catfish also have better quality since the color itself has turned into golden yellow color while the meat texture is clear. It will make the meat become chewy but still tender to eat and the taste become more flavorful.

Restaurant Business Owner Using Smoked Catfish Suppliers
Of course, you should also ensure that your restaurant will get the best quality smoked catfish product from the supplier. This is why you should try to learn the process that they will do to create the smoked catfish product for your restaurant. And since making smoked catfish is quite easy to do, especially if the smoked catfish suppliers have all the equipment needed to create it, then they can make this product easily.
Usually to get the catfish the supplier already has their own farm as a place to grow the catfish. They grow the catfish from special breeding fish to lay the eggs then grow the eggs that it laid. After the catfish grow then it can be harvest from the farm and being taken to the factory for further process to be smoked catfish product.
After arriving at the factory, the catfish will be shorted using special machine. This machine can collect catfish which has similar sizes. By using this machine the smoked catfish suppliers can do this process faster and easier thus the catfish can be transfer into the next processing line in no time.
This next line is where the cleaning process takes place, the catfish gut, membrane and slime will be cleaned from the fish. Some factory might still use manual worker to do it, but some other factory which already implement high technology in their system will use cleaning machine to clean the catfish. Furthermore since the catfish itself does not have any scale which need manual and detailed cleaning, then using cleaning machine to clean the catfish is possible since the catfish skin itself is not remove to ensure the skin maintain the oil on the fish meat. By using this machine the smoked catfish suppliers can clean the catfish easier and better thus the catfish will be completely cleaned before being transfer into the next processing line.
In the next line, the catfish meat that already been cleaned will be cut into fillet which is more suitable size to be smoked. By cutting the catfish meat into this suitable size, then the smoking time can be reduced, thus the process will be faster and the result will be better.
Now that the catfish meat is ready, then smoked catfish suppliers then need to do the main part which is to smoke the meat. Before doing it, the catfish meat will be rinse using brine to add some flavor to the meat and to extend the shelf time. The salt in the brine will be able to prevent the meat from getting spoiled by making the fat oxidation process slower thus extending the shelf life of the meat. Now the catfish meat is ready to be arranged on the rack then put inside the smoking machine. This machine is the one that will smoke, dry and cook the catfish meat to be the product you will receive in your restaurant later.
After the smoking process is done, now they are ready for packing process. The product will be packed in sealed bag. It does not have further process if you want to use it within two weeks from production so you only need to keep it inside the fridge. However, if you want to keep the product longer then you can ask the supplier to frozen the product so it can be preserved for around two months from production. Now that the product is ready the smoked catfish suppliers only need to send their product to your restaurant then you can use it to cook dishes.

Price of Mackerel for Different Products

Price of mackerel is varied depend on the type of the products. Mackerel can be sold in fresh form, fillet, steak, and canned while being the cheapest one is canned tin fish. Mackerel offers stronger taste than other fish and this is why when making mackerel recipes, they are often mixed with other ingredients to balance the flavor. Price of mackerel canned is so affordable and you can even get one can of mackerel fish by spending about $2-$3 only and that’s enough for one serving time. It is recommended that you eat fish that rich in protein and omega 3 at least 2 to 3 servings each week with moderate amount.
Affordable price of mackerel canned fish
Mackerel is a beautiful oily fish that offer numerous nutrition, they also rich in flavor with fishy but nice taste. They are a good source for omega 3 fatty acids which is good for brain development and cardiovascular health. Despite its benefits, some people often overlook this small mackerel due the oily texture and strong smell, however with the right recipe and cooking it is really a nice treat for your breakfast or dinner. Not to mention the price of mackerel is very cheap so it is one of the cheapest sea foods for your protein and omega 3 sources.
What you need to look for when buying mackerel
Ideally you should eat the mackerel right after you caught the fish because they spoil quickly unless you buy frozen, pickled, or smoked mackerel product which can last longer. When you happen to buy fresh mackerel then look for the bright and clear eyes with firm plus shiny texture. If you cannot find a good fresh mackerel, you can always go for frozen mackerel whole round and if you want cheaper alternative, go with canned because the price of mackerel tin fish is affordable for budget.
This is some guides when you want to cook mackerel:
Mackerel can be cooked with many ways like barbequing, frying, grilling, and baking. Mackerel is great for burgers, pate, rillettes, and pate. Mackerel is also nice raw on ceviche or tartare, but for the last recipes you should ensure that the mackerel you buy is the freshest condition and caught on the day of eating. In addition, another option like mackerel smoked often being chosen due to the intensity of the flavor and it is really ideal for salad or pate recipe. To make sure that the mackerel fish is cooked completely, cut the thickness part and check whether the flesh is firm and moist with a bit of opaque color.
How to cook mackerel fillets
Mackerel fillet is a nice deal to have for delicious recipe and this is so easy. The simplest way to cook a mackerel is by pan frying mackerel fillets. However, before you fry the fish, you should remove the bones, guts, and the head. After you cleaned and gutted the mackerel, you can fillet the flesh carefully. Another way to cook mackerel fillet is by barbequing them. With this cooking method, the mackerel cooked in no time with super crispy texture. They are also good if you want to add extra seasoning or marinate, cure or pickle. Because of the strong flavor of mackerel, they will mostly hold against variety of ingredients.
How to cook mackerel whole round
Just like mackerel fillets, fish whole round is ideal for not only barbequing but also roasting, baking, and grilling. You can stuff the fish with herbs and delicious seasonings according to your taste. Although the cooking time take longer than cooking mackerel fillets, about twenty to thirty minutes longer but the taste is incredibly delicious and you can get the nutrition as well. You can oven the fish for quick and easy recipes.
Price of mackerel is depends on the type of the fish. If you purchase King mackerel, for example, they are more expensive than other light mackerel such as Spanish or Pacific mackerel. When buy canned mackerel, the kind of mackerels needs to be compared as well by checking the labels. You need to see and compare the nutrition value as well to ensure that you get the highest amount of nutrition when purchasing mackerel in tins or cans.

Milkfish in Indonesia Supplier Developing Product for BBQ Party

If you want to do BBQ party in your house, then you might want to search for milkfish in Indonesia supplier to purchase their product. You might have a lot of reason which make you have BBQ party very often in your house. You may do the BBQ party with your family but you may also invite your friends to have the party at your house. Some of you might even do the BBQ party every week since there are a lot of people that you can invite but you do not want to mix them all together.

BBQ Party Using Milkfish in Indonesia Product
This makes you become famous as host for BBQ party thus many people ask you to make the party often so they can come to your house every weekend. But then again when the people come to enjoy the BBQ party in your house too often, then they may become bored with the BBQ menu you give to them. That is why; you might want to give different BBQ menu to your friends and family that comes to your party. With this method, then whenever your friends and family comes to your party, they can eat different BBQ menu so they would not get bored.
That is why, it is important to find an Ingredient that you can use for your BBQ menu to be serve at your party. A BBQ ingredient that you might want to use is the milkfish in Indonesia product. This product is very versatile, thus you will be able to use it on your BBQ menu or to create many kinds of side dish for the party. But remember that you should not use a random milkfish which you do not know the quality or the value at all. Instead try to find milkfish from the best supplier so you will get great quality product from them.
But you should also able to differentiate the best supplier from a random supplier which will give you random product. And the method that you can use to differentiate that supplier is the best or not is by knowing the arrangement that they do when construct the milkfish product in their factory. If the supplier is truly the best then they will even arrange a farm which they can use to develop the milkfish itself. By developing the milkfish themselves, then they is able to determine the quality of the product according to the control that they do when arranging the milkfish in Indonesia product.
Inside the farm, the egg will be hatched inside special arranged box with treatment to ensure the larva coming out better. Then the larva is brought into other arrangement box to treat it for around four week time so it can grow better to be fingerling. This fingerling is the one that will be developed further inside growing arrangement that the milkfish in Indonesia factory has on their farm. After living inside the growing arrangement, then it will develop to be the milkfish.
The milkfish is ready for harvest after it has around one lb weight or half of that weight. Then it will be brought for product arrangement inside the factory facility. The first arrangement that need to be done to develop the product is by cleaning the milkfish. It is mandatory since milkfish has gill, entrails, scales, and viscera which need to be removed. Then the next arrangement is to cut the milkfish to be product that you need to have when making BBQ party at your house. That is why you should not forget to tell the milkfish in Indonesia supplier about the product requirement that you want to get from them.
The next requirement is done to protect the product that has just been developed by wrapping it. Of course, the product also needs to be freeze since it is really a mandatory requirement that must be done to preserve the product itself. If you need special requirement for the delivery process, then you can tell the logistic service which will send the product to you. After it arrive, then you can see that the milkfish in Indonesia factory really do a good job in order to develop product with high quality so you can easily use for BBQ party.

Various Canned Tuna Size Products

Canned tuna size that available at grocery stores is vary with different brands as well. Canned tuna is a cost friendly sea food product that comes in handy when you need an excellence source of protein and omega 3. They have delightful taste with oily texture and you can mix them into your favorite tuna recipes. Since fresh tuna only available seasonal, you cannot always get your hand on the fresh product. Alternatively, you can purchase frozen tuna but this option is hard to be prepared as well since you need to clean and remove the guts. So, the best solution for having good and healthy meals with simple preparation is tuna canned product.
Canned tuna is one of the most popular sea foods after shrimps since they are rich in protein and especially omega 3 fatty acids that human body need. Human body cannot produce omega 3 and thus they need to find a good resource of omega 3 intake which is tuna fish, for example. Tuna fish have higher omega 3 content and when the packed into cans, it is easy to finally get omega 3 intake than eating supplement. Various brands of canned tuna have been produced by many manufacturers. Some of the products are exported and some are imported. They are vary in types of tuna fish too being Albacore tuna or white tuna and light tuna such as skipjack, yellowfin, and bigeye tuna the most popular one in markets.

Various size of canned tuna size at stores
On the store’s shelves, they offer various canned tuna size product from 2.5 oz as the smallest offer and might be enough for one time serving to 51 oz for larger servings. Of course different brands have different stock of sizes as well, but 5 oz to 6 oz being the most convenience especially if you want to make tuna sandwich or tuna salad recipes.
Anyway, canned tuna size available with very affordable prices because you can grab a tuna canned product and only spend about $2 to $3. In contrast, fresh tuna usually have higher prices and not available anytime so tuna tin fish is the cheapest one with similar nutrition contents just like fresh tuna.
Tuna that going through canning processing have softer texture and sometimes the companies will add seasonings or herbs to strengthen the flavor. You can choose many different qualities of canned tuna size factory products such as:
-          White tuna or light tuna:
White tuna refers to the Albacore tuna species while light tuna refers to several types of tuna fish such as skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye, and other types as well. White tuna often being labeled as white chunk of tuna and light tuna as light chunk of tuna, and these two types of canned products have different flavors plus the amount of nutrition. Indeed that Albacore have higher number of omega 3 and protein than light tuna, but they also bring more mercury content. That’s why people often preferred to buy light canned tuna size due to health concern of methyl mercury.
-          Tuna in oils and tuna in water:
Canned tuna size in oils has different preservation like tuna in sunflower oil, tuna in vegetable oil, and tuna in olive oil. Canned tuna in water being packaged with spring water or brine (salt water). Tuna in water is healthier compared than both tuna in oils and tuna in brine due to the lower calories and sodium level. Tuna in oils indeed have tastier flavor and texture but they will leach away the natural omega 3 in the tuna fish when you drained the canned liquid, while tuna in brine brings higher sodium intake. So choose wisely by pick the one that mentioned “lower in sodium” or “very low in sodium” to prevent over consume of salt.
-          Tuna in herbs:
Sometimes the manufacturer mix the tuna fish with additional herbs and seasonings such as chili, pepper, jalapeno, tomato based sauce, mustard, and many more. Of course for you who like stronger taste of tuna can choice this variant especially tuna in tomato sauce which is good to make tomato soup or stew.
You need to pick canned tuna size various brands carefully, compare the nutritional facts to get the best amount of nutrition.

How to Buy Canned Sardine 125gr?

Canned sardine 125gr is good to be eaten because they are one of the cheapest sources to get protein and omega 3 intakes. Finding a fresh sea food sometime is hard especially if you do not know how to pick the best one and whether the fish you buy is really fresh. In the end, you have option for frozen fish or canned. Choosing frozen fish is a challenge as well since you need to check them carefully to prevent having a bad frozen fish. So, the safest option to eat sardine is by purchasing canned sardine and if you already have your own favorite brand then it will be easier.
How to buy canned sardine 125g at grocery stores?
First thing first is you should know why you need to buy canned sardine 125g. This is a good source for various healthy minerals such as protein, omega 3fatty acids, vitamins (D and B12), calcium, selenium, and many more. In conclusion sardines packed with beneficial nutritional punch and this is the easier way to get those minerals since you only need to go to the nearest food stores or grocery stores to get your canned sardines.
Now, how to buy canned sardine 125g products? Since there are various brands and products out there, you need to be careful when choosing your sardine tin fish. You can consider purchasing based on:
-          Sardine packed with flavor: You need to read the ingredients list before picking one and make sure you avoid buying a can of sardine that have unnecessary ingredients for your health like artificial color and flavor, Acetic Acid, Polysorbate 80, Xanthan Gum, Maltodextrin, and Modified Cornstarch. Those extra ingredients tend to be packed in canned sardine with tomato, mustard, or other sauces.
-          Sardine packed in oils: One of the best canned sardine 125g products is the one that package in oils since they do not need extra spices or sauces just to cover the flaws. However, when buy sardine in oil, you need to make sure that they are packaged in fish oil or olive oil. Skip oils such as soybean oil or other oils that packed in canola or offer omega 6 because they will defeat the whole purpose for you eating sardine which is omega 3 intake. Sunflower oil brings more calories and fats as well.
-          Sardine with organic ingredients: It is meaning that they are packaged with extra seasoning or herbs such as olive oil or mustard.
-          Sardine in water: Some people prefer to have sardine in water because they are not removed the omega 3 in the fish when you drained off the liquid. However, if you like tastier fish meats then you better choose sardine in oil. However, compared with sardine in soybean oil or canola, sardine in water is a better option.
-          Skinless and boneless: Because most of sardines have small size, they often packaged with their bones and manufacturers do not remove their skin. Good news is that if you cannot tolerate sardines due to the bones and skins then you can always buying canned sardine 125g skinless and boneless.
-          Gluten free sardines: You cannot tolerate canned seafood with gluten then pick canned sardines that are labeled with ‘gluten free’ label. However some of the brands such as sardines packaged with mustard or tomato sauce may offer gluten due to the thickeners ingredients.
-          Smoked sardines: Smoking process will add some flavor to the sardines. Some of the products are smoked to prevent the omega 3 fatty acids weeping out of the fish meat when you cook the fish. Beware that some of the factory canning process add liquid smoke in the can/ tin.
Your families or friends must have their own recommended brands when buying canned sardine 125g. You can hear their recommendations but always compare one brand to another and check their nutritional value because different brand will have different nutritional amount as well. You can eat the canned sardines alone or mix them with other ingredients to make a healthy recipes such as sardine salad or sardine soup, sardine on a gluten free cracker, and so on. If you never try sardines, it is the time you should give them some chance and experience the benefits of sardine fish.

Eating and Buying Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce 425 g

Canned sardine in tomato sauce 425 g is good product that needs to be tried if you are seafood lovers. Sardine along with tuna and mackerel is an excellence resource of high quality protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Sardine is not only low of mercury because their life span is only about 14 years meaning they have shorter time to accumulate mercury than those larger fishes, they also smaller in size and thus bring lower mercury content. Sardines are the safest sea food that you can have and you can enjoy sardines with 425g serving to make your delicious and healthy diet meals.
How to eat canned sardine in tomato sauce 425 g?
You may have your own favorite sardine recipes and it is always nice to have sardine as your tasty meals or dinner. For sardine recipes, they are various ways that you can try such as:
-          Just eat the sardines fish straight out of the can
-          Sardines also good on top of blue corn chip
-          You can enjoy eating sardines with a little bit of onion, don’t mind the smell later.
-          Replace the tuna fish salad with sardines, to prepare it just mash the fist meats using fork and the add mayonnaise, onion, chopped pickles, celery or pickles for extra ingredients and taste.
-          For people who cannot stand gluten, first pick gluten free canned sardine in tomato sauce (read the label when buying) and after that serving the sardines on top of gluten free crackers.
-          Canned sardine in tomato sauce 425 g product can be eaten with some toast. To make it, you need some best quality sardines fish, sliced hardboiled eggs, gluten free bread, avocado or mayo, thin slices of tomato, thin slices of onion, pepper, salt, and capers.
-          You can put them in taco and the strong flavor of tomato sauce will give a nice taste.
-          Add extra ingredients with lemon juice and virgin olive oil for original canned sardines without tomato sauce.
You can make your own recipes with canned sardines or sardines in tomato sauce according to your like. Canned sardine in tomato based sauce is good to make soup recipe as well.
How to buy canned sardine in tomato sauce 425 g?
It is not only about how to make delicious sardine recipes because before you make them, you need to know how to choose the best canned sardines on the grocery stores shelves. There are various brands that need to be compared and some of them are good while some of them are poor quality. If you cannot decide which brand is comfortable with your taste then you can ask an expert about it. Meanwhile, you can use some of these considerations when purchasing canned sardine in tomato sauce 425 g serving like:
1.      Skinless and boneless: Since sardines are small in size compared with tuna. Manufacturers are tends to serve them with the bones and skins. So, people who do not like to eat sardine due to the uncomfortable feeling eating the bones or the skins can pick skinless and boneless canned sardine fish.
2.      Packed in water and packed in oil: Most of the canned sardines are packed in either water or oils. Sardines in oils are preserved in sunflower oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, fish oil, and such. If you like a better quality and taste then you can pick sardine in oil because they have better taste and oilier texture than sardine in water. However, if you have concern about the omega 3 fats then you need to choose sardine in water instead because when you drained off the liquid, the omega 3 will remain.
3.      Intensity of the taste: Sardines tend to have strong flavor especially if the sardines are canned with tomatoes. However, some of brands or companies have a huge range of flavor and they also include several mild options. If you confuse which one to pick, you can ask for some recommendation from the expert.
Canned sardine in tomato sauce 425 g is an appropriate amount of serving when you want to take a good and healthy meal. Choosing the best canned fish of sardine will give you nice experience to have heart healthy sea food.


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