Canned Sardine Production Line Process

Canned sardine production line by manufacturer ensures their sardine fish canned product to stay fresh with canning processing. Most of sardines that we buy in grocery or food stores packaged inside little cans with some preservation to keep the fish in good condition for months or even years as long as you do not open the cans. Maybe you are wondering how the sardines got into those cans or how the processing might be like before the products distributed to the store’s shelves. Here is how the production line of canned sardine fish conducted.
Detailed process of canned sardine production line
Know how the canned sardine production line processing their sardines’ tin fish will help you to understand more about the products. Usually, before the factory or manufacturer process the fish, they get the fish from fishermen or caught by its own industry process. However, sardines pole and line fishing considered to be environmentally safer than net fishing. So, when you choosing canned sardines, make sure that the fish caught by the safest method.
Here’s how the sardines are packaged from the start to the final stages where the sardines are ready to be distributed and even exported worldwide:
1.      Enter the cannery
The fish will enter canned sardine production line cannery on ice; they are stored in refrigerator or pre frozen at the sea. The factory needs to pick sardines that are fresh and in a good condition as well, so the inspectors are going to examine the fish and evaluate them before while they are unloaded. The inspector not only checks the sardines by appearance but also monitor the condition of each fish while checking the temperature as well as collecting samples used for chemical analysis. Frozen fish are going to be thawed under controlled conditions while sardines that are not in good condition, failed to enter the next steps.
2.      The processing
When the fish finally enter the factory processing, machine will remove the sardines head mechanically and get rid the entrails plus waste portions. After that, prepared sardines entering the conveyor belt and cleaned with rushing water. Meanwhile, the cans are sanitized and waiting to be filled with the already cleaned sardines.
3.      Filling process
Canned sardine production line filling process done manually by the workers. They will count one by one the correct number of sardines for each can while filling them by hand. Next, the filled cans are going to enter ‘exhaust box’ conveyor belt again to remove the remaining or excess liquid with steam-cooks method.
4.      The end process
The final stage of canning process almost done when the sardines being smoked and get additional ingredients. Some of the ingredients add spices, sauces, or herbs to make the flavor stronger and more delicious. The canned sardines are going to be preserved with oils or waters as well according to the packing style. And then machines will labeled the cans with seals, identification labels, codes, and applying lids on each can. Finally, the cans enter pressure-cooking stage where thermal processing used to ensure that all the canned sardine products in sterile condition. Before being stored and distributed, the inspectors once again will check them by take a sample and evaluate the sardines.
Maybe explanation above still needs some detailed information regarding canned sardine production line process. However, those processing line above will give you a simple understanding about how canned sardine being processed before they distributed to your neighborhood food stores.
Unopened canned sardines can last longer for years or at least up to 4 years, while opened sardines tin fish can longer about 4 days and need to be consumed as quickly as possible before they corrupted. If you want to keep the leftover sardines so they can stay longer then you need to freeze the sardines inside tight plastic container with zip on top then place it inside a container full of ice or some storage with optimum temperature of 31 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not have the storage then you can put the sardines inside a plastic bag then fill the plastic with ice, however you should use the fish within 24 hours. That’s it for canned sardine production line process and we are hope the information are useful for you and help you to understand more about canning process.

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