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If you looking for information about lambda carrageenan then you have come to the right place since we will talk more about this substance here. But even though you might never even heard about this substance, actually the substance is very common used by industrial people in food manufacturing as well as in other type of industrial factory to create their items. Especially since this substance is well known for it’s gelling, thickening, and stabilizing ability. So when other substance is mixed with this substance, then the appearance of the end product will get better and the making process is also easier to do. For this exact reason many factory uses this substance in the making process of their product.

Lambda carrageenan detail and complete information
 If you want to know more about lambda carrageenan, then you should know that this is a type of carrageenan. The carrageenan itself is a substance made from red type of seaweed. And there are three types of carrageenan which one of them is the lambda type carrageenan. Those types of carrageenan are differentiated based on their sulfurylation degree. Furthermore the number of sulphate group inside each disaccharide also different, and this lambda type of carrageenan itself has three sulphates inside each disaccharide.
Each of those carrageenan types also have different number of ester sulfate which located in different position. On the lambda type of carrageenan, it has highest level of the ester sulfate. And these properties lower this type of carrageenan solubility temperature as well as lowering the gelling strength. That is why the lambda carrageenan becomes the type of carrageenan that does not gel other substance but only thicken it. But because of this unique property, it is suitable to be used to thicken dairy product and it is able to be dissolved using cold temperature water.
Actually those three types of carrageenan can still be made using the same species of red seaweed. However, that seaweed is used in different development stage which able to create different types of carrageenan. Then for this lambda type of carrageenan itself is made using red seaweed which is still in their sporophyte development stage.
And to make the lambda carrageenan itself, then the manufacturer will need to farm this red seaweed. Especially, since they needed that red seaweed that is still in their sporophyte development stage. Thus they need to have their own farmer who farms this red seaweed using string of nylon line. To keep the nylon line from moving anywhere, then they will be tied on a stick made using bamboo which will also be the farm guide. After the red seaweed has reached the sporophyte development stage then it will be harvest. Afterwards it will be dried so no water content is available anymore before sending it to the factory for more processing.
Then on the factory itself, the dried red seaweed which is still in the sporophyte development stage will be ground so it can be sift to remove any sand that mixed with it. Then it will be washed so no other things that will be attached to it. Now this material is ready to be used to make the lambda type of carrageenan.
The making process is started by soaking the material using alkali liquid. Then it will be heat up so the carrageenan will comes out from the material. But there is also some cellulose which comes out from this mixture which needs to be removed later on. To do it several mechanical methods is used so the mixture will be more pure. Then the mixture will be evaporated so no more liquid is available in the end result. Then the end result that you will get is the lambda carrageenan which will be ground further to make it into powdery form.
Those are several processes that the carrageenan factory will need to create this special type of carrageenan. You might even heard about this item which used inside several dairy product as it is able to thicken them without turn the form into gel form. But do not worry since this item is already good grade which means it is suitable to be used as food additive. So next time you see lambda carrageenan on one of the food item you consume, you already know this information.

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