Canned Sardines Thailand All Important Review

Canned sardines Thailand is one of the most popular canned fish products that distributed all around the world. Thailand as well as other countries in Asia likes Indonesia and Singapore known as the leader of sardine distributor in the fishing industry. They have wide range of products to be offered and in fact not only in the form of sardines tin fish, but also fresh and frozen sardines. This is why if you open restaurant business or hotels, you should try to find suppliers from Thailand since they can supply you with high quality of canned, fresh, and frozen products. 

All information about canned sardines Thailand that you should know
There is some information about canned sardines brand products that you need to know, such as:
1.      Should you worried about mercury level in canned sardines from Thailand?
It is true that fish especially big and predatory fishes such as shark, salmon, and tuna contain mercury traces and since this harmful substance sit on top of the food chain, larger fish accumulated with high mercury concentration. Fortunately, sardines is small fish and they are not on top of the food chain in the ocean, so mercury accumulation of this fish is smaller than any other larger predatory fishes. Besides, Thailand suppliers select only relatively small size sardines for their canned sardines Thailand factory products and thus they are unlikely concentrate high mercury level.
2.      Choose canned sardines from Thailand with no MSG added
Manufacturers may add MSG to make canned sardine taste a lot better and stronger. MSG is Monosodium glutamate which used as flavor enhancer and over consume of MSG is not that good for your health. That’s why you need to find canned sardine supplier from Thailand that can provide canned sardines without additional MSG, anyway if they use delicious recipe and the sardines are best selected fish so it is no use for having MSG.]
3.      Are you having gluten intolerance?
If you experience or having gluten intolerance then avoid to buy canned products which does not mention anything about gluten free label. The easiest solution is to find canned sardines from Thailand that labeled with gluten free note and you can also ensure that the manufacturers care to prevent allergen cross-contamination. Good Thailand suppliers will ensure that their canned products do not have various types of allergen cross-contamination including gluten.
4.      Sustainable canned sardines product from Thailand
This is also important to find out whether your chosen brand conducted sustainable fishing method to get their sardines. If the cans do not specifically mention anything related the sustainable fishing then you can find out it yourselves by contact the manufacturers or searching on their official site to find out where they get their fish and whether there is fishing law for that area. It is always nice to know that your trusted brand using responsible method to catch their fish. Anyway, in Thailand they mostly harvest their sardine fish in Pacific waters, Indian Ocean, and Atlantic waters.
5.      Do you still need to cook the sardine’s fish?
From the canning process, usually the sardines are already been cooked and this is mean that before they sealed the cans, the fish is fully cooked so people can consume the sardines straight from the cans. And that’s why; this is no need to cook canned sardines Thailand products again, but you can warm the sardines or use the fish to make other delicious canned sardine recipes. Of course there are some people who cooked them again by grilled or broiled the fish.
6.      How long the canned sardines Thailand can stay?
Thanks to the canning process, the canned products can stay for years or about 3 years more or less, some cans product even can stay for more than 3 years or up to 4-5 years unless you already opened the cans so they need to be used as quickly as possible within 1-2 days. You can store the opened cans in the refrigerator. Make sure that you place the canned sardines in the coolest part of the refrigerator so it can stay in best condition. Make sure that you transfer the cans from its can to the another container.
For unopened canned sardines Thailand, you need to store the cans in a cool and dry place in your pantry.

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