Best Canned Sardine in Vegetable Oil and Salt Product

Canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt has become debatable topic since the oil and salt in the sardines may lessen the nutrition offered by the fish. However, it does not mean you need to avoid eating sardines at all since sardine is good oily fish that rich in nutrition. By eating sardines, you will get plenty of beneficial nutrients including omega 3 fatty acids as the main reason of why you should at least eat sardine fish 2 to 3 servings per week. Moreover, there are minerals, vitamins, and protein content that supports your body health and this is why you need to eat sardine!

Canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt water, which one is better?
Actually it is all about personal preference when you think about which one is better between canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt products. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. First thing first, canned sardine soaked in vegetable oil usually has better oily texture which going to affect the taste as well. For those who prefer good oilier texture and taste then you may prefer to buy sardine in vegetable oil. However, vegetable oil has some disadvantages which related to the omega 3 fatty acids content. By comparison, sardine in vegetable oil is less healthy than sardine in salt water since the oils cannot retain the natural omega 3 oils when pour out the oils from its cans. The omega 3 oil is soluble with vegetable oil and thus when you drained off the cans; the oils will be leach away.
Meanwhile, sardine in salt water which known as brine has drier texture and not so tasty taste, however they are healthier than sardine soaked in vegetable oils. In addition, they are less in calories and fats than sardine in vegetable oil so it is indeed better to buy sardine in salt water instead of vegetable oil if you prefer healthier product. Sardine fish in salt preservation also retain omega 3 fatty acids better than oil because it does not soluble with the water. However, beware with the amount of the sodium contained in canned sardine in salt since it is mean you will have higher sodium from the salt being added. For this solution, you may need to check the can’s label before buy and ensure that the cans have “low in sodium” note.
The worst for health is maybe canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt brand product meaning that the sardine fish is soaked with vegetable oil and then the manufacturers still put extra salt to make the flavor stronger. This product has more calories, more fats, and more sodium to be honest and it is better to avoid eating it as much as possible. Of course you can still consume such product but you should limit yourself and once awhile replace canned sardine in vegetable oil plus salt with other healthier alternatives such as sardine in olive oil or better sardine in springwater which is the best choice since it has lower calories, fats, and sodium plus can retain omega 3 better than the rest of the canned sardine products.
How to buy canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt?
When buying canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt factory product as well as other canned styles, there are several things that need to be considered such as:
-          The sustainability of the canned product, you should buy a canned product that ensure sustainably fishing method to catch the sardine fish. The manufacturers sometime mentioned this on their can’s label.
-          The BPA-free cans, of course this is essential since most of the time BPA always link to unhealthy illness especially for human body and thus make sure that the sardine cans you buy labeled with as BPA-free cans.
-          Check the cans, avoid buying them if you find out that the cans are leaked or have bulging lids.
-          Check the expired date or best before date to ensure that you are not consume a sardine which already passed the expired date.
-          Check the gluten free or paleo diet label if you have those intolerances.
By following the guides above, you may be able to tell and buy which is the best canned sardine in vegetable oil and salt.

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